A Decision Management system for AIF Boards and Executive teams that ensures strategic and tactical alignment before, during and after business meetings

What Our Customers Say

Maxim Kalinin, Corporate Management Director, PJSC 'MTS' “BoardMaps gives us convenient access to materials and agenda items for Board of Directors and Committee meetings. It also ensures that we have up-to-date information about the Company: news, events, information about key leaders. And the software keeps everything secure with advanced capabilities for protecting and controlling access to the system – a customizable role-based access model, secure data transfer protocol and encryption of uploaded materials”.
Aydar Zheksenbiev, Corporate Secretary, JSC “KazMunayGas Exploration Production” "Our transition to BoardMaps has brought the process of organizing Board of Directors meetings to a whole new level. Now all Board members, including independent directors from other countries, can access materials both in Russian and English from their iPads, participate in meetings remotely via video conferencing and vote on all agenda matters. Moreover, since the system uses e-signatures, voting in BoardMaps is legally binding".
Andrey Falko, Head of IT-department, VTB Bank (Ukraine) “BoardMaps saves a lot of time while working with meeting agendas and materials – all the information you need to have is always up to date and accessable in one application. Members of several committees and working groups speak highly of the benefits offered by BoardMaps for iPad – the ability to work offline, no need for hard copies of documents, and the easily searchable archive of meetings”.
Ivan Gusher, Legal Advisor, PJSCO ‘TransFin-M’ "Adopting new technologies at work always requires some adjustment and training of employees but it should have a minimal effect on business efficiency during this process. The BoardMaps team made implementation easy by doing a lot of preliminary work – starting from integration with our internal servers to conducting the first meetings and step-by-step demonstrations of the new system’s functionality".
Anatoly Tabunanov, Deputy Chairman of the Board, JSB «Almazergienbank» "Implementation of the BoardMaps system has been instrumental in streamlining the process of planning, preparing for and conducting meetings of our leadership teams. It also has significanly increased the speed of documentation flow and minimized resources required for organizing meetings”.
Alexander Kharitontsev, Head of Department of international projects and corporate affairs “BoardMaps allowed us to reduce the flow of emails and letters that used to be an integral part of preparing for and conducting meetings. Members of the Board of Directors and Management Committee appreciate the transparent cycle of addressing business matters, as well as the ease and convenience of reviewing a meeting agenda and voting directly on their iPads”.
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